R.J. Modell

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Hock E. Puck Meets Hock E. Stick
A Story of Friendship and Teamwork 
Authors: R.J. Modell & K.P. Lynne
Images: K.P. Lynne

R.J. Modell has teamed up with award- winning, best-selling, amazon author and photographer K.P. Lynne to create this heartwarming story of a sad little hockey puck without a family and a sad rejected hockey stick, who learn the valuable lesson that alone they are nothing, but TOGETHER they can move mountains! 
Today Is Your Gift, Open Your Present 
Authors: R.J. Modell

The ultimate motivational book, Today Is Your Gift, Open Your Present is a 6 x 9 treasure trove of the greatest nuggets of wisdom ever written. R. J. Modell, who has touched over 5 Million lives world wide with his quotes on social media sites. The first in the "Words of Wisdom" series, this book focuses on forgetting the mistakes of yesterday, focusing on today and working to make our lives better tomorrow!