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The True Blue Reading Crew
Founded By R. J. Modell
Serving others has always been one of R.J. Modell's defining virtues. In all of his endeavors he has dedicated his life to helping and serving his community. As an author, he has expanded his outreach with The True Blue Reading Crew. Featuring a combination of his favorite color blue and one of his favorite causes "Reading," The True Blue Reading Crew raises awareness of the tragic consequences of Illiteracy and helps encourage people of all ages to read or learn to read. Just like R.J. Modell, who is a "True Blue Friend" to one and all, the goal of his awareness initiative is to show people that "Books" are "True Blue Friends" to one and all via public appearances, reading events and the distribution of materials such as book marks. In 2016, the program's mascot, a little blue book with arms, legs and a face will make his debut in a children's book called "True Blue Learns To Be A True Blue Friend." In the book, True Blue will encounter two very different friends who are illiterate, a young girl and an elderly man. True Blue will try his best to prove beyond a doubt that READING is IMPORTANT at any age or stage of life! R.J. Modell has also donated note cards featuring his uplifting words to senior citizens, churches & veterans, provided books to his local Little Free Library and given bookmarks to over 5000 children. He was recently honored as a "Writer Making Things Right" for his exemplary volunteer and charitable work.   
R.J. Modell Volunteers As An Illinois Reads Ambassador
R.J. Modell Is A Supporter of The Little Free Library
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