R.J. Modell

When R. J. Modell, a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, picks up a pen, glides his creative hands over a computer keyboard, or dusts off an old fashioned typewriter, you immediately know a whimsical literary spectacle of stellar proportions is about to take shape!
In the literary world, R.J. Modell is equally embraced and accepted by adults and children, writing in a unique cross-genre style, suitable for all ages. His adult books are appreciated by children and his children's books are appreciated by adults, resulting in an all-ages audience. 
A highly accomplished professional business owner, role model, community leader, mentor and entrepreneur, R.J. Modell’s extensive and diverse work background has played a key role in his metamorphosis as an author. Working closely with people of all ages and providing families who have suffered a loss with compassion, guidance and support, served as the springboard for his straightforward, yet deeply profound and heartfelt writing style. 
R.J. Modell is one of those rare literary talents who seems to effortlessly excel in many genres of literature. Whether it be formal business writing, children’s stories, anecdotes, words of wisdom, note card poetry or dramatic scripts for the stage and screen, R.J. Modell does it all and he accomplishes it all exceptionally well.
As an author, he has become a highly respected Blogger, who has established a global fan base of all ages via social media, featuring powerful anecdotes, words of wisdom, inspiring poetry, uplifting words, messages of hope, positive images and an underlying message to spread peace and love to each other and to our neighbors around the world.  
R.J. Modell penned the #1 Best Seller, "Today Is Your Gift, Open Your Present" a motivational quotation book for adults, as well as the #1 Best Seller, "Hock E. Puck Meets Hock E. Stick," for children and family reading time. R.J. Modell followed up that success topping the Amazon charts with "Pucknapped" and "All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure For Cancer," both #1 Best Sellers and #1 Hot New Releases.
In the editing department, R.J. Modell served as an editor on the late Joe Alaskey's #5 Best Selling Anthology, "Queasy Street" and "Late For Thanksgiving Dinner," a short story released after Alaskey's death as a gift to his family and  fans which  reached #1 in an astonishing 4 different categories making it a quadruple #1 book release. 
R.J. Modell served as the editor for "Litty Kitter 4 President," a #5 Political Humor book, released on Election Day 2016, written by K.P. Lynne in a bold move to provide a satirical look at politics in America through the eyes of a cat, who had previously starred in two best selling children's books, once again crossing genres and breaking literary rules, by topping the Adult Political Humor chart with a children's book character.  
The writing of R.J. Modell has touched over 6,000,000 lives globally via dozens of social media sites and his writing has garnered legions of fans thanks to "Think Big Sunday With Marsha Wright." 
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